Manuel Varcas S.A. since 1945,specialist in the manufacture and development of personal hygiene,house hold and car cleaning products,marketed under the following brand names:

SPUNGO -V- VARCAS for the BATHROOM range Sea sponges,Vegetable sponges (Loofah) and polyester hydrophilated. Skincare and personal hygiene accessories: bath gloves,massage and bath brushes,etc.

ZALASA -V- VARCAS for the BATHROOM range (NATURAL PERFUMERY) Sea sponges,Vegetable sponges (Loofah),sisal gloves,towell gloves,loofah gloves,etc.With an elegant packaging to attend the natural perfumery

RESPLAN -V- VARCAS for the HOUSEHOLD range Feather dusters made with ostrich,cock and turkey feathers plus dusters made from natural wool and synthetic fibres. A wide range of cleaning products such as cotton mops,millet brooms,brushes,window cleaners,carpet beater,etc.

DUNIL -V- VARCAS for the AUTOMOBILE range Natural and syntetic chamois,industrial sponges,water-filled car cleaning brushes,cleaning kits,cotton polishing cloths,polishing/buffing gloves,etc.


The range includes a wide selection of dusters made of ostrich feathers witch softness makes them an indispensable tool for delicate surfaces.

Cook feather and artificial fibre dusters ,all avaliable with extendable ,hand moulded handles.

Natural wool duster.

The rest of the range includes a series of household products such as window-cleaning cloths ,millet brooms,carpet beaters,wooden and metal clothes hangers and a selection of cleaning brushes for baby´s bottles,shutters,toilet bowls,washing-up,etc.